Stock Charts from AC Investor Blog Can Help You Learn
Posted on: October 30, 2016, by : fadmin

I found AC Investor Blog about 6 months ago and signed up to get daily updates. As a new investor who has starting looking at charts as an investment guide, I know there is a ton of information that you you can uncover if you know how to use charting tools. But like Rocket Science this is just not for everyone. Even with an aptitude for math it takes time to learn, understand, and apply what you know to actual investing. It doesn’t help that while there can be trends, what the market actual does can change at any time. Here is a sample of what the charts on the blog look like:

AC Stock Market Investor Blog Chart

What we all need to remember is that even though we may study and learn for years, there are people with access to information that we will never have. Those people will be able to do things that affect our results for good or ill as they serve their own interests.

Anyway, if you are interested in charting you can follow along at AC Investor blog as the site owner publishes some of the stocks he has been researching and learn what he thinks and why he thinks it. I can’t tell you how well he does with his analysis and forecasting because I have not had time to document it, but I feel he is experienced and professional. That doesn’t mean he is always right, because then no one is. But if you follow along you may find that you agree or disagree and in the process gain more insight and skills of your own.


6 thoughts on “Stock Charts from AC Investor Blog Can Help You Learn

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  3. need advice to new investors and help to learn stock charts from AC Investor Blog

    [Do searches in Google and spend time at sites like Seeking Alpha. Study investing for at least 6 months before using real money. Don’t invest any money you can’t afford to lose because most investors lose at some point. The more you learn the less you will lose.

    Good Luck! ]

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