Resources For Investors

Oh my gosh, they have lots of index funds. You can open regular, SEP, and Roth IRAs or one of each as I do. You can also buy and sell stocks, but the fees are a bit higher that some other places. But the customer support is actually wonderful. The 3 times I have called I got more information than I asked for from a patient, support person. They really take care to make you feel important and not like a bother. The only other companies where I have treated this well is and

Chart Geany

Chart Geany is some free Technical Analysis Software that runs on your MAC or PC. With it you can download stock or fund data from Google or Yahoo and play around with a fairly simple chart program to look at what a stock has done with the idea of predicting the future. Good Luck With That, but some may find it useful. Once I learned about “Trends” I started mapping them using this software. It helps you to see when a stock is moving up or down or changing direction. For most of us it may have the practical usefulness of a “Busy Box” but what’s wrong with that???

The trial version doesn’t expire and the full version is only about $20. They also have a forum to help support users.