About Gainage

GAINAGE, old Eng. The profit made by tillage; also, the land itself.

This blog is about managing your own investments. When I choose the domain name for the site I thought the word was a version of gain or gaining. But in looking up the proper meaning I see the name was more appropriate than I thought.

Those of you that learn some things that you can “Do-It-Yourself” or DYI understand that with some education and the proper tools, it’s possible to save costs and get exactly the results you want by doing it yourself. While you may not have the interest or aptitude in learning about finance and investing, I feel that can be within reach of those that are motivated to learn.

This blog is owned and maintained by Christian Nielsen. I encourage you to ask questions or share information in the comments as long as it’s related to the topic of this blog. If you want to send me an email you can send it to webmaster1 @ this domain.